First you dream it...then you real-life it.
  (Read on to learn about our life-changing opportunity to level up personally, professionally & within relationships)
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Spinning Your Wheels By Now? Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Attention Women Business Owners, Up And Comer's, + Executives:
Do you have this crazy idea that maybe your purpose is bigger than you? 

Perhaps you’re feeling “stuck” in life or your career, but you know you have something in you… a business idea, a personal gift, a relationship to offer, a next level to achieve… that just might be a game-changer, for both you & others? 

You’ve been dreaming about this “something big” for ages, & you’ve reached a place where you *might just explode* if you don’t chase this dream down or push yourself onward & upward, but… you don’t really know what the heck to do to get it started? 

Guess what, Girlfriend… we feel you

At The Dostal House, we believe whole-heartedly that the future is female... which is why it is our soul’s purpose to help women take the leap from being “dreamers” to “doers.” 

No matter what mission you're set out to achieve, we aim to give you the platform you need to do the dang thing… in the biggest & best way possible.  

Check out what people are saying about The House:
Introducing The House Academy...

Think of this as a 120-day “mastermind group meets self love & awareness boot camp” geared specifically towards developing a greater understanding of Y-O-U. 

Whether you’re feeling a bit “stuck” with where you currently are, you’re on a personal journey to invest in the relationship you have with yourself, or you want to connect with other women on their way, this your sign! You need in on this, Girl!

Personally & professionally… The House Academy is dedicated to setting you up for living your best life

And we’re not talking the kind of stuff that gives you all the feels, gets you pumped up, & then sends you on your way… we’re talking roll up your silk blouse sleeves & tighten your ponytail, because we’re going in!

 Into the nitty gritty of who you are & why you are the way you are. 

We’re developing real goals: the kind that are attached to your soul’s purpose & your personal values. 

We are identifying & developing a detailed strategic plan for exactly how you’re going to get there, & then we’re going to do it, together. 

Let’s overcome fear-based thinking

Let’s learn to be effective communicators & how to negotiate like a girl boss in a man’s world. 

Let’s rewire our brains for resiliency

Let’s celebrate who we are, work hard at achieving the big things we are destined to do, & empower the women around us on the way. 

Every single little detail of The Academy has been designed with you in mind. 

Because you’re the type of woman who doesn’t want to get to the end of your life & find that you’ve just lived the length of it. 

You want to have lived the width of it as well. 

We hear you, we see you, heck… we are you & we’re here to support you

But you’re going to want to act fast: We are limiting the number accepted to The Academy to only 10 women! 

We’re here to do great big things, & you can’t do great big things with mediocre people… so we’re looking for the best!  
If you need to break it into installments, we have that option for you.

You'd Never Guess... But Here's Another Bonus!
The 10 women will receive a 4 month free social club membership to the dostal house which includes:

+ unlimited access to the workspace during biz hours
+ access to a private meeting room 
+ ridiculously good WIFI
+ an open invitation to all speakers & events
+ gobs & gobs of perks & freebies

Here's how it works...
You click the button to apply, fill out the form, and we'll get back to you with next steps. Easy-peasy.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're getting...
  •  Workshop #1 Friday, May 10 from 2-4pm:
  • Who the Heck Are You?
  • Knowledge is power & the more we know about ourselves the more empowered we are to make decisions that will result in living our best lives. 
  • We kick off The Academy with doing a little homework to discover who we are, how we act, what our potential is & where our ambition might take us. Not only will we learn more about & understand ourselves better, but we’ll also be able to look at others & understand them too. (Talk about a game changer for relationships, both personal & professional!) 
  •  Workshop #2 Friday, May 24 from 2-4pm:
  • Why You Are the Way You Are
  • We all have a story to tell; we’ve all experienced trauma & loss, & success & achievement. We are shaped to be the way we are because of what we’ve experienced up to this point in our lives. The good, the bad & the ugly… we’re going to explore it all! (Don’t let that scare you, we promise you this: you are in good hands.) 
  • Perhaps we went through that traumatic experience in our past, because we are meant to help others who aren’t as strong as us through something similar. Maybe you experienced a lot of success in a certain area of your life, because you are destined to take what you learned & experienced there to make a difference in a bigger way
  • Yes, this session has the potential to get a little heavy… but in a good way. Once we see the triggers that are holding us back from being our best, we can learn how to work with them & be better & that, dear friends, is a game-changer!
  •  Workshop #3 Friday, June 7 from 2-4pm:
  • See It To Believe It
  • "What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” You don’t have to be Buddhist to appreciate the wisdom in these words! & as Oprah (quite possibly God’s gift to women…) has advised, “you must understand your intention before you make your decision.” 
  • Here’s the deal: you now know who you are & why you are, now what do you want to do… & why? We’re talking G-O-A-L-S here, friends. Three specific goals, to be exact: a personal goal, a professional goal & a relationship goal. & then we’re gonna manifest the heck out of them! 
  • Once you’ve identified “The Big Three” for you, we’re gonna get crafty! You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. We’ll create beautifully framed vision boards, to serve as our reminder to focus on what you’ve committed to achieving during The Academy. 
  •  Workshop #4 Friday, June 21 from 2-4pm:
  • Strategy, Strategy, Strategy
  • It’s the name of the game, ladies! Strategy without process is little more than a wish list… factual… & you’ve already dreamed it; it’s time to real life it! 
  • Let’s take The Big Three & break it down. Let’s draw a road map. Let’s identify *exactly* how you are going to achieve each of The Big Three, step by step. Let’s create action. Personally. Professionally. & within relationships. We’re going from inspiration to impact. 
  •  Workshop #5 July 5, from 2-4pm:
  • Pause & Productivity
  • If only we could turn 24 hours into 48, right? Time is a precious commodity & the only real luxury. Because can’t get time back, we must be intentional about how we spend it. 
  • But, before we dive into the go-go-go of real life-ing our dreams, we need to press PAUSE real quick. Why? There’s power in the pause, ladies… & we, as women, tend to not respect this. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up, & that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this session. 
  • While we’re pausing, we’ll also talk “productivity." Hacks, to be specific. What if we could get more done with the limited time we have? Or, at the very least, stay focused & on task enough to get through that to-do list from start to finish, in a more efficient & timely matter! There are ways… it can be done… 
  •  Workshop #6 Friday, July 19 from 2-4pm:
  • Have No Fear. Let’s Do This. 
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Self doubt & fear-based thinking can, & will, stop us dead in our tracks. But, what if there was nothing to fear? &… what if you could take it one step further… you could prove to yourself that this is true? 
  • Working with science based tools, we’ll build resiliency, relieve stress & anxiety, & inspire & ignite the courage within to thrive in life. Let’s move through fear, so our authentic selves can shine, baby, shine! 

  •  Workshop #7 Friday, August 2 from 2-4pm:
  • How to Get Exactly What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)
  • *cue the Spice Girls* 
  • You hear this all the time: "the key to any successful relationship, personal or professional, is communication." We’re adding to it. “& negotiation.” 
  • Seriously though, we’re gonna equip you with all the skills you need to have the upper hand always in this workshop… <insert evil laugh here> & it’s gonna be legit. Learn how to effectively communicate & negotiate in a man’s world, to get exactly what you want out of life. 
  •  Workshop #8 Wrapping it all up with a Bow, & a little TLC, with Sanctuary Spa … date & time tbd… hopefully somewhere’s around Friday,  August 16
If you were to go to a Professional Business Coach, this could take you years of time, and over $25k in money spent....but just keep reading...your mind is about to be BLOWN.
Here's What Debi Durham, The Iowa Economic Development Director,  Has To Say About The Dostal House:
“We’ve all seen the data demonstrating the benefits of female leadership to businesses and communities, but I’ve had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. From thriving main streets comprised primarily of women-owned businesses to the exciting ventures borne out of programs that hold up and support female entrepreneurs, women are breathing new life into our state. We need more programs and places – like the Dostal House in Cedar Rapids – that help ensure the success of women all across Iowa.”



Shannon Beck - Certified Professional Coach

Shannon Beck is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach specializing in Energy Leadership Training; she is based in Cedar Rapids but connected globally. By exploring blocks and challenges in our lives, Shannon helps people unlock their potential and transform points of pain into growth and forward movement. She became a life coach to give people skills to live more connected, healthier, and authentic lives; though not an easy calling, coaching fills Shannon with meaning and purpose. She is grateful to be able to share her skills with clients, friends, her eight-year-old son, and herself each and every day.

Shannon Beck is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) specializing in Energy Leadership Training based in Cedar Rapids. By exploring blocks and challenges in our lives, Shannon helps people unlock their potential and transform points of pain into growth and change.

Marlo Higgins

Marlo Higgins helps executives get out of stuck, close more business, and accomplish their goals. As a Chief Inspirational Officer, Marlo specializes in coaching executives to gain clarity and remove self-doubt to increase performance and sales.

In addition to being a coach, Marlo is an author, podcast host, and speaker. Her strategies have guided CEOs, small business owners, and entrepreneurial break outs to close millions of dollars of business and create a lasting impact in the world. You can find out more about how to connect with Marlo and her mission to create confident leaders at

Meegan Hofmeister - The Dostal House | SignedM.

Meegan Hofmeister is the founder of The Dostal House & the influencer behind the life + style blog, SignedM. Her journey as a serial entrepreneur & girl boss has been an organic one: after opening & closing her first business within 3 years, struggling through a not-so-pretty dissolution of a business partnership, & losing sight of what she thought was her “life’s purpose” (aka: living out her fashion dreams via retail) Meegan learned first hand how to trust the process & turn failure into fuel. Her next business endeavors organically came to be through an immense amount of growth combined with rediscovering who she was, both personally & professionally. What started as a quest to "crack the code” to the social media game & learning everything she could about content marketing led to the launch of SignedM. as her creative outlet, which evolved into accidentally creating a freelance social media strategy & content creation business from her couch. This couch-turned-home-office revelation resulting in Meegan discovering an innate need to surround herself with other like-minded female entrepreneurs for support, encouragement & accountability, which in turn led to the founding of The Dostal House in May of 2017. The House has since evolved into being the women’s workspace & social club committed to creating a community of women on their way that it is today. 

Meegan earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Upper Iowa University, was honored as one of the Corridor Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 in 2018, & has spoken about her journey as a female entrepreneur & fulfilling her soul’s work empowering & elevating women at EntreFest, HER Luncheon, Kirkwood Community College, & Professional Women’s Network. 

Cindy Knebel - Revisit Furniture Warehouse

Following her mantra "attitude is everything” Cindy pushes her passion forward." Throughout her 33 years in retail, whether working in clothing or home decor, she thrives on making a winning visual combination. She learned to coordinate without large budgets using an aesthetic eye and a desire to always find the potential.

Cindy wants to help others appreciate the beauty, quality and value of classic pieces. "The potential to bring new life to these pieces is amazing. The outcomes are fabulous," says Cindy.
In 2008, Cindy saw people were tightening purchasing patterns. Peoples shopping habits shifted and demanded design trends to shift with them. People started to enjoy finding pieces with character to use in their homes, or repurpose what they already have. It became cool to shop vintage and thrift to reflect their individuality.

In 2010 Revisit was founded in North Liberty as a high-quality furniture store that mixed new and old. This design reflected the way people truly decorate and furnish their homes and met an unfilled need in the area.

Cindy's newest venture is Revisit Furniture Warehouse. This is a culmination of the past, present and future in furniture decorating, combining furniture from the past, listening to current shopping habits and incorporating the future with online shopping convenience. The goal of Revisit Furniture Warehouse is to inspire those in the corridor to experience their best design.

Denise McCormick

Denise McCormick is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and educator's coach. With over 26 years of experience, she provides support and guidance to fellow women educators who desire to thrive in an overwhelming academic landscape. Denise's rose-colored outlook on life stems from overcoming a multitude of challenges on her path to success.  Her conscious decision to make positive choices and do more than just survive in the 1980's Farm Crisis led her to become a non-traditional college and then graduate school student, working mother, and a proud advocate of women and girls through education.

Courtney Misener

Courtney Misener is a professional speaker and writer. A self-proclaimed hope dealer and advocate of emotional wellness, Courtney frequently leaves her audience with tools to help identify and tackle common pitfalls that lead to emotional unrest.

Courtney currently serves as the Director of Programs and Community Engagement at House of Hope, teaching a quarterly curriculum she developed that focuses on three major areas:
addressing childhood patterns and belief systems, taking on hard conversations, and emotional health. She frequently teaches classes and seminars providing opportunities for women to understand they have choices and a voice. 

Courtney studied Communications at Middle Tennessee State University and has worked in the nonprofit sector for three years. Prior to her time at House of Hope, Courtney worked as the Client Relations Manager for Premier Advisors, LLC for 4 years. She also currently serves on the board for Power Women’s Network.

Courtney is an Iowan by marriage, transplanted from Tennessee. She is a rock star/Pastor’s wife, serves as the family CFO, and head negotiator for their three very spunky boys. In her spare time, she enjoys rapping, car karaoke, dancing in grocery store isles, and generally doing everything she can to embarrass her kids.

Patti Seda, Seda Consulting

Patti is the owner of Seda Consulting; a firm committed to guiding individuals and teams to be their professional best, through organizational design, succession planning and coaching. She is certified in EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence and MPO Personality Assessment tools. 
Before starting her own business, Patti worked in a variety of industries, including advertising and marketing, insurance and banking. Starting as a payroll and benefits coordinator, she worked her way up to the executive team level in organizations that experienced high growth, as well as business and cultural change. Patti is an accomplished business leader who understands the challenges and opportunities of maximizing human capital for bottom line results.  
Patti is married, the mother of two school administrators and an entrepreneur, and grandmother to three little girls – all who continuously push and challenge her way of thinking. In 2008, she started a summer youth camp to inspire middle school students to be community leaders. While she established a work ethic growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, her adult life has been involved in business and coaching people and teams to be successful beyond what they believe possible.

Michele Williams - Tippie College of Business at The University of Iowa

Michele Williams, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Management and Organizations and the John L. Miclot Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.

She has taught negotiations to executives, startups, MBAs, and undergraduates at leading schools of management for over 10 years. The research and work of Williams, which began with a focus on Trust and Relationships at work, now intersects with work on Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Before joining the Tippie College of Business in 2017, Williams was previously a member of the faculty at Cornell University and MIT's Sloan School of Management. She has authored papers and case studies, published in notable academic journals, and speaks at academic and professional conferences on her topics of research. She produced a unique course offering on Women in Leadership, Negotiation & Entrepreneurship and has spoken on this topic at JP Morgan. She is also co-author of the Four Capabilities Leadership Assessment (4CAP)—an online 360° assessment used by organizations to enhance leadership potential. Williams earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Johns Hopkins University, her Master of Arts degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and her PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.
More Speakers To Be Announced SOON!
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